About me

With over 12 years of experience in the UAE and Middle East, I've led dynamic teams to deliver high-quality media projects, managed production budgets, and cultivated strong client relationships. Specializing in video content, podcast shows, events and exhibitions coverage, live streaming, social media content creation, and more, I oversee the production process from concept to delivery, ensuring timely completion. Additionally, I conduct employee training sessions, stay updated on industry trends, and drive innovation for a competitive edge.

What i'm doing

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    Captivating content that not only tells your story but also resonates with your audience. From stunning visuals to compelling narratives.


    Bringing your ideas to life, crafting visually captivating and engaging content that resonates with your audience

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    Strategically elevate your brand’s essence to the world. My PR expertise opens doors, fosters connections, and enhances your reputation.

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    Digital Marketing

    Promote products, services, or brands, reaching and engaging target audiences for business growth.


  • Daniel lewis

    Carine Younes

    Exceptional Media Expertise! I had the pleasure of working with Hustle Media in Dubai and Beirut, and I can't praise them enough. From top-notch photography to captivating videography and seamless podcast production, my friend and his incredible crew at Hustle Media truly excel in every aspect. Their commitment to delivering outstanding services is unmatched. If you're looking for excellence in media production, look no further. Highly recommend!👌

  • Jessica miller


    Working with Hustle Media is like working for a team that is fully dedicated to my brand. The professionalism and creativity and commitment is outstanding. I finally feel like I am working with a business partner and a team that understand my vision and have my brand's best interest at heart!

  • Emily evans

    Oma Ghomrawi

    As I worked with Hustle Media couple of time in the last two years, it is obvious that they are professional, passionate and creative. Khaled, the founder is such a great artist.

  • Emily evans

    Ali Saleh

    I'm amazed everytime I look at the content of my vision created and built with Hustle Media. Expect a high quality content and service with the support of a very friendly team. Grateful!

  • Henry william

    Rudy Nasr

    Fantastic podcast studio rental – top-notch equipment, great soundproofing, helpful staff, and a creative atmosphere. Highly recommend!!

  • Henry william

    Mohammad Tabbara

    Loved working with the hustle media team. They are professional and punctual, plus their podcast services are on point!

  • Henry william

    Shireen Abou Shakra

    One of the best places to be chosen to photograph creative content is also an important company in photography at all levels and the team is very friendly

  • Henry william

    Wissam Abou Rjeily

    Frankly speaking the best social media house ever. They know what they are doing, and they work hard to do it right and in the right way. I highly recommend Hustle Media for your content creation. they have all the tools for your social media growth. Best team ever.

  • Henry william

    Mina Shawky

    High quality work and excellent turnaround time. The team there gets the job done with perfection.

  • Henry william

    Johnny Nemer

    Honestly it has been a pleasure working with hustle media ! Super professional team working 24/7 literally hustling for their clients ! I am more than happy with the service they provide and definitely recommend them !

  • Henry william

    Rashad Matraji

    Well prepared for any concept, managed by a creative person.

  • Henry william

    Emile Z

    Professional Staff. Great Studio. Recommended for your Podcasts.

  • Henry william

    Rawad Habib

    What a lovely driven team that you can trust with all your production needs!

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